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Appenture is a part of Adveritas Limited, that drives success for business globally with innovative, big-data powered software solutions and has extensive proprietary technology and a strengthening reputation as an ad tech innovator. Appenture is focused on development of fraud mitigation software, TrafficGuard®, that detects, mitigates and reports on digital ad fraud before it hits advertising budgets. Three formidable layers of protection block fraud and invalid traffic to ensure that advertising results in real engagement.
 Adveritas Limited

Adveritas Limited

Adveritas Limited comprehensive ad fraud prevention solution, TrafficGuard has been in development since 2016 leveraging trillions of data points. The technology that underpins TrafficGuard is patent-pending.

Adveritas Ltd (ASX:AV1) creates innovative software solutions that leverage big data to drive business performance. Adveritas’ ad fraud prevention software, TrafficGuard, is its first available software as a service.

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